Winter Solstice Run 2020

Solstice Race Bib

On December 21st we #FightTheDark!

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, so we choose that day to run against the darkness that so many people living with mental illness face everyday. 


This has been an unusual year. Here at the Road Warriors we had a lot of plans for 2020 but without in person races we’ve been a bit limited. But our plans are not cancelled. Just delayed. And it’s about making the best of a challenging year.


2020 has been tough on everyone so this year our virtual event is free. Yep free. But there are some changes that come with that. Our bib and medal will also be virtual. You can download your bib below. Opening it in Adobe Acrobat will allow you to fill your own name in. Print it. Save it. Celebrate everything you did. The downloadable medal will be here on this page on December 22nd!


Here’s what to do:


1. Download your bib and fill in your name or clear the line and run with a bib with no name if you prefer!

(you can open the bib directly below and print however your name will print smaller than if you download it)


2. Go for a run. We’d love you to go for a run on the 21st but if you can’t do it any day you want.


3. The distance doesn’t matter. 500m or or 5km or 50km or 100km just go for the fun of it.


4. Take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtags #FightTheDark and #TheRoadWarriors


5. If you’re on Facebook, post your picture to our page, if you’re on Instagram tag us @roadwarriorsbattlewithin and we’ll share some of your posts in our story




Feel free to shout out to a mental health charity that’s important to you in your post and consider making a donation. 

In short, on December 21st (or before or after), choose your distance, and your activity, gear up, and hit the road! 

Solstice Virtual Run Medal