Watching The World Go By

By Tara Schoemaker

As the world undergoes massive changes in lifestyle, career, travel, and purpose, I observe.

I observe myself and others.

The responses to the changes and reactions towards one another are fascinating. In some cases, I observe major differences in opinion and views about life and about death.

I see people growing distant and isolated due to local or national laws and restrictions; even more, to their own fears and insecurities about safety, health, and morality. I observe many others who are finding their strengths. These are the people and stories that I choose to spend most of my energy on.

Following these observations has caused me to reflect on my path and my values. The uncertainties around day-to-day plans and schedules along with the revelation that real change is possible on a global level directly challenge my programmed self.

Fear is powerful.

Love is powerful.

The mind is powerful.

I am questioning my true beliefs and commitments. I am learning to see and use my own power. I am choosing to live each day committed to creating joy, peace, and love.

I observe an awakening.