Why I Run

By Tara Schoemaker

I am a wife, a mother of four great humans and grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren. I hold a BA in Exercise Science from Hope College. I am a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and I recently completed my RYT-200 Yoga training. Running has been a part of my life since childhood. I grew up close to nature and playing outside. As I matured and my emotions became overwhelming, I began running with purpose. I found that running gave me some peace. 

Through the years I have used exercise as medicine. I have witnessed loved ones working through trauma and also watched them close themselves off. I have felt the pain and confusion of emotions I could not understand and the imbalance within my being. I have also found strength and compassion for myself and others through the struggles. My experiences have led me down a path of healing. 

Today I run because it clears my mind. Exercise takes my head out of analytical paralysis and creates a flow, shifting my perspective in a positive direction. Running specifically, gives me a sense of freedom and grounding. I feel more connected to nature and the Wild part of the earth and of myself. I run because I know that it does more for my whole being than just the set of physiological responses it initiates. I run for self awareness.