Exercise As Medication

By Corey T Queen
Corey T Queen

For Me, Exercise is Apart of my Mental Health Medication

For most people, exercise is a hobby, or something for a stress release. People use exercise for weight loss and training for something. For me and my mental health, exercise is just as vital as my ADHD medication and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Having ADHD and depression, means that my brain’s dopamine receptors are broken.

My Adderall helps to produce dopamine. Yes, when you have ADHD, stimulants help to calm your brain and keep it focused. Exercise releases dopamines that help supplement all of my other components I have in my arsenal to handle my mental health.

I have even worked out my morning system. After I drop the kids off to school, I go straight to the gym, get my workout in (at least an hour), then come home and eat. After I eat, I take my morning Adderall dose. This way, I maximize dopamine being produced. It is AMAZING how focused I feel. I have felt so good in the past couple of weeks, I have to set an a reminder to take my afternoon dose of Adderall, because I don’t feel it wearing off.

Tackling my mental health means enjoying the journey and appreciating what works for me. Incorporating regular exercise, and rest days, help to keep me focused, grounded and grateful. Exercise is a medicine to me that I don’t have to worry about a copay, deductible or premium being paid.