The Road Warriors:

Fighting the Battle Within

Because we all struggle we are all worthy we can overcome you are not alone

Everyone is impacted directly, or indirectly by mental health struggles. In any year, 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health problem or illness. You are not alone. Running is part of how we fight the battle within, but we're more than that...

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The Road Warriors

Fighting the Battle Within

The Road Warriors is an organization dedicated to fighting the stigma of mental health, supporting people on the journey of living with mental illness and in crisis, as well as supporting healthy activity through road and trail racing. The founding board members are Shannon Lelievre, Amy Leon, Andrew Younger, and Jarvis Googoo.

A major component of The Road Warriors is the ambassador program which includes members in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Our ambassadors have their own stories to share of living with mental illness directly and indirectly.

The Road Warriors are being established as a legally registered non-profit society in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our team of board members and ambassadors participate in events around the world and often speak at conferences, events, schools, and workshops about running and mental health issues.

Sharing our own stories isn't easy. Each one of us has lived with or is living with mental illness either directly or indirectly. We understand the stigma. The judgement. Each of us has our own ups and downs. Each of us has, at times, wished others would understand what we are experiencing or have experienced.

Our goal is to help others through the knowledge they are not alone.

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Parts Unknown

I just drove for an hour with so many thoughts on my mind that I couldn’t wait to sit down and put them on paper,

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I love celebrating things: birthdays, holidays, victories. Anniversaries I’m not so sure about right now, though. Yes, I’m going through a divorce but it’s not

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‘….And then I’m happy for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to

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Amy Leon

I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Every day brings with it more of the unknown, and I already have a problem with my OWN unknown. If I could sleep through all of it and wake up on the other side I probably would. But, I can’t, so I maneuver my daily mental illness around whatever the chaos de jour is and hope I don’t implode.

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